Look to Jesus

In prayer morning, I was asking for the Lord to give clarity to a few situations that are going on in my life. I would love to be able to tell you, in response to that prayer, that the clouds moved, sunshine pierced through and perfect clarity was had…but no, that’s not what happened.

It’s so often the trudging through, the falling down, the getting on your hands and feet in the mud and pulling yourself back up we encounter the Lord. Isn’t that the way of the cross?

And so, I continue on, praying for clarity, wisdom, understanding and God’s grace. Saint Paul of the Cross tells us, “In all your trails, arm yourself with faith, confidence in God and deep humility of heart, fear nothing.” I am sure when I look back on this day five years from now I will see the sense of it all.

I look on my desk and see this image of Saint Paul of the Cross looking at Jesus.

Saint Paul of the Cross has thorns pulling at him and Christs blood dripping on him.

He reminds me daily, keep your eyes on me.

Regardless of the chaos around you…just keep your eyes on Christ. Like Peter falling into the deep, when we fall, refocus on Him who gives us life and JOY.

That is the challenge today. Keep your eyes on him, knowing that in confidence, and deep humility of heart, we need fear nothing.

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