Look up!

This morning as I was walking the property checking on things after a storm, I found a large broken limb of one of the magnificent pine trees that shade our peaceful gardens. It was a large limb and it made me look for its previous place. I had to look up.

God had painted a picture with a blue sky and white floating clouds, I would have otherwise missed.

This is the way that God works at times. He drops things into our lives to make us stop and look up.  He steps into our path.

The blind man in John Chapter 9, Jesus has to step in front of him to place the mud on his eyes, to heal him. The woman at the well (John 4:6), Jesus interrupts her as she carries out her daily work. Peter and Andrew were happily fishing (Matt 4:13) when Jesus called them to ‘Follow Me.”

Pause. Look up.

This is the challenge. To see His work around us, in front of us without having to have a limb fall. How is the Lord stepping in front of you today?

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