Our Constant Wish…..

God’s Ways  are NOT our ways! He is our Sovereign Lord : Omniscient, Omnipresent, All Knowing, All Merciful, Almighty, Always was and Always will be!  Who are we to question or criticize God? He ALWAYS provides whatever we need! Not always what we want but definitely what we NEED!  Jesus is His Love wrapped in our Humanity! He provides us the “road map” to our Heavenly Home! Leading, Guiding, Consoling and Strengthening EVERY step of the way! Instead of pouting and pointing our finger at God -asking “Why did you do this to me”?….GRABOUr the  wounded, scarred hand of Christ in Gratefulness and Trust….as Jesus gives us a Peace that we never imagined possible … and a Love that perfectly matches our constant wish- Eternal Salvation!! Relax in thankful Trust! Love and Prayers! 🙏🏻😘✝️