We are Children of God, Precious to Him and Provided for by Him! There is nothing that we possess that we have not received from Him! Our relationship with God is built upon our Trust and our Dependence on Him! This Reliance on God is counter to our culture which continually cries out “take control”, “be self sufficient “, “independent”, “define our own truth”….As Christians Our Truth is Jesus Christ! He ALONE is the WAY, the Truth and the Life! Without Him we are LOST! There is nothing in life that we accomplish on our own! Are we living our life single hearted with God as our focus or have we divided our hearts for the allurements and enticements of the world? Re-FOCUS and set our hearts on the Higher things of God! May He FILL us up to the brim with His Love and Grace leaving NO room for anything else! Rely on God in EVERY situation.. He is WITH and WiITHIN us- ALL we have to do is ASK! Love and prayers! 💕✝️🙏🏻

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