Placing Jesus in the creche.

In the midst of preparing for Christmas, I have to stop and put Jesus in the crèche…

The scene is set as it was 2000+ years ago. The world continued spinning. Most people had no idea the Savior of the world was being born. Only a chosen few, the angels, the magi, the shepherds were drawn to the scene.

Lord, my prayer this day, let me be them…

Let me be like the Magi and arrive with my most precious gifts of preparation for life and death. Let me be a lowly Shepard, with only awe to bring. Let me be a voice proclaiming the good news, like the angels. Lord, let me be like Elizabeth, who sits far away from the scene, and looks with a Mother’s heart at her own son and prays for the birth of her Savior.

Lord, As I place Jesus in the manger, remind me there are gifts to give, awe to share, there is love to witness and Joy to celebrate at His birth!
Jesus draws us to Himself, to the humble scene. Lord, let me stop, in the midst of preparing for Christmas, with the world unknowing around me, and place Jesus, in the crèche!!