Pray for Us!

We leave tomorrow for the ‘Chapter’ where the Passionist’s of Holy Cross Province gather to elect, renew and reinvigorate each other. Please pray for us, as we look to the future of the province with Hope.

Never forget, it is through you, with you, and for you that this ministry succeeds.  Your prayers are wanted and needed! Below is a favorite prayer of mine to Saint Paul of the Cross. If you could find time in the next week to pray it daily for the ‘Chapter” we would be abundantly blessed!!


Prayer to our Holy Founder

O Glorious St Paul of the Cross,

Who in meditating on the Passion of Jesus Christ, attained such a high degree of sanctity on earth and of happiness in heaven,

And by preaching the same holy Passion offered to the world a most efficacious remedy for all its evils:

obtain for us that we may ever have the Passion so deeply engraved on our hearts, that we may gather similar fruits in time and in eternity.


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