We at the retreat center are starting to pray through what ‘re-opening means?

March 20th, we closed the doors of the retreat center building. It has been 40 days today! This makes me think of lent and the scripture story in the Gospel of Matthew (Matt 4:1-11), Jesus and His 40 days in the desert. There is both a lot of promise and a lot of heartache in those 40 days.

At the beginning of the 40 days of lent we often give up something. It makes me chuckle to think of all the things that we have given up in the last 40 days. Retreats, meetings, birthday celebrations and hugs. We have all changed our routines and done ‘what needed to be done’.

The reason we give up things for lent is to draw us closer to Christ. How has this desert time brought you closer to Christ, although you have been without?

As we all look towards what a new normal will be, what has been the lesson of this 40 days?

 As we pray and hope and work toward re-opening in the near future, let us not forget that there are lessons in the desert. How do we take the thirst of the desert with us and not just go back to drinking from the firehose of life?

This is the challenge of these days. The questions of re-opening and receipt of the gift of the desert.