Recovery Joy!!

I am sitting in my office, working late. I love Holy Name Passionist Retreat Center in the evenings. There is so much quiet, and so much life. The recovery programs that meet here during the weeks, bring a light, an energy to the place. Granted when you are trying to get some work done, they are joyful and LOUD!

The 12-step recovery programs are a great joy to us here at Holy Name. In these stories I hear about the place ‘where ‘miracles happen!’

Those that were once addicted, maybe homeless, came to their first meeting here. Where they found their first hope and their first encouragement. This is that place. The place where they met others that had their same struggles and shared their survivals and revival with them. No wonder they are joyful and loud!! No wonder the hallways feel filled with friendship and mentoring.

I just want to give a joyful shout out to them. Who disturb my quiet with their joy. Come and bother me anytime.

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