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The goal of every Retreat at Holy Name Passionist Retreat Center is to enlarge our spiritual lives, collectively as well as individually.  In our continued effort to broaden our outreach to the 12 Step Recovery Community, the April 2018 Men’s Spiritual Retreat will be a combined Alcoholics Anonymous and Cocaine Anonymous Men’s Spiritual Retreat.  Attendees will be free to openly share their experience, strength and hope with each other about their alcoholism as well as their addiction to cocaine and all other mind-altering substances.

 Please note that the February and September Men’s AA Spiritual Retreats will remain unchanged.

 We want to clearly communicate up-front that the April 2018 Men’s Retreat will be a combined AA/CA Men’s Spiritual Retreat, so that all who register will be fully aware of this fact. As this will be our first offering of such a combined retreat, we will be utilizing the commonly used format for the AA Men’s Spiritual Retreats, along with the AA Big Book and 12 & 12.

 It is the sincere desire of Holy Name Passionist Retreat Center to continue to provide an atmosphere for all Retreatants to grow along spiritual lines. Please know that all men in our 12 Step recovery community wishing to participate in specific Men’s 12-Step Retreats are welcome to attend and come grow with us while sharing the spiritual journey.

 We hope this announcement clearly communicates our desire to maintain our strong relationship with the recovery community.  If there are any questions, comments, or concerns, please feel free to contact any one of the following – each a member of the 12 Step Advisory Board at Holy Name:

 John H. (713) 562-8127

Jeff D. (832) 465-1239

Walter J. (713) 553-5811

Jeff S. (713) 594-2222