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Events for week of November 29, 2020

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I am still reeling with images from the weekend Gala!! What an incredible weekend. A lot of work, yep, but the final results were worth it!

There were people from so many parishes, the recovery program, and even our own Cesar Prada was in house!! The decorations were amazing, the food delicious, but the community that was built, that was the highlight. The joy at celebrating 70+ years on this Holy Ground, priceless!

For all of you who prayed for, payed for and worked for the gala, thank you!! It was your love of this place, your willingness to work to have it stand for generations to come that was the real gift of the gala. 

Saint Ambrose, my mother would remind me, would say, “No duty is more urgent than that of returning thanks.” So, thank you!! Thank you not because I am supposed to say that, but because I am humbled by your generosity of spirit. Thank YOU, because YOU inspire ME!

Thank you!