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Following are the requirements for attendance at the SLAA Men’s Retreat. Attendees’ adherence to these requirements is important to the personal and overall benefit of the retreat.

• The SLAA retreat is intended for active participants with at least 90 days in SLAA recovery.

• Attendees with less than 180 days in SLAA recovery are required to have an SLAA sponsor who will also attend the retreat. If not, a temporary sponsor (i.e. mentor) at the retreat is acceptable. [Help with getting a temporary sponsor for the retreat is available if needed.]

• During the retreat, it is critically important for participants to be sober from illegal substances, alcohol, and any SLAA bottom line acting out behaviors.

• Participation in the retreat may lead to emotional discomfort, which is often an unavoidable characteristic of the overall healing process. That discomfort may sometimes lead a person to want to leave the retreat prematurely, thereby denying themselves of the full retreat experience. Even a “quiet” exit is disruptive for others.

Participants are requested to stay onsite and avoid outside distractions from the start of the retreat until the end. In the event of a personal emergency or other unavoidable, extenuating circumstance, the participant is requested to discuss the matter with a Retreat Co-Chair, Retreat Facilitator, or with a member of the Holy Name Retreat Center staff.