We invite you to light a candle so we may offer our prayers for your intentions. Your request will be posted on our website.

Let us keep in mind these words from Scripture, “the light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.” Christ is our light and together in this symbolic way may be “His light” of hope and remembrance for those we love.

A virtual candle may be for any personal intention such as a birthday, anniversary, in honor of, in memory of, prayer request, healing or any other occasion. Your candle can be lit for nine days, one month or a full year.

By filling out the requested information your post will be published on our website for the indicated amount of time. If you want to add multiple intentions add up the number of candles and fill in your donation amount. In the intention box indicate the separate requests.

To view current requests click on the “Join us in prayer” button below.

Thank you for sharing your intentions and lighting a candle.

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