Saint Gemma Galgani

Thursday is the memorial of Saint Gemma Galgani in the Passionist Proper offices. Saint Gemma was born in March 1878, she died on April 11th, 1903. She was beatified May 14th,1933 and canonized May 2nd, 1940.

Saint Gemma had many mystical experiences, including the stigmata and many special graces. She has been called the ‘daughter of the passion.”

The Passionist Proper describes Saint Gemma in this way, “From her childhood she dedicated herself to meditation and the Passion of Jesus Christ.” Later it says, “She had a singular devotion toward the Eucharist and toward Jesus Crucified. Graced with special supernatural charisms she offered herself to God for the conversion of sinners.”

Saint Gemma Galgani writes, “It is not enough to look at the cross, or wear it, we must carry it in the depth of our heart. Together let us visit Jesus crucified. Let us look at HIM; He is lifted up on the cross.”

This week as we celebrate this wonderful woman, mystic, saint and Passionist. Let us keep her at the forefront of our days. Let her example challenge and guide us, “Let us look at HIM, He is lifted up on the cross.”

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