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Events for week of August 9, 2020

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God is continually Pursuing us and Calling us to Him!!!  Where have we placed our Hope and Trust? In ourselves, material things, money or Jesus? We all have the temptation to put ourselves at the center, to believe that we are in control of our life, that we alone build our life, or that our life can only be happy if built on possessions, money or power…. things that are temporary and not eternal!!! What we do WITH  and IN this life determines WHERE we spend eternity!! God ALONE MUST be at the CORE of our being- the Epi-Center of our life !!! Filling our life with “temporary ” things may “fill” us but we will NEVER be satisfied ALWAYS hungering for more! We must PUT on CHRIST every day- the “Armor” of Faith, Hope and Love….then everything else flows from this! Placing our Trust in Him…..we will NEVER be disappointed! Love and Prayers! ❤️🙏🏻✝️