Second Station: Jesus takes up His Cross

The person that originally made the cross did not make it so that we could wear it around our necks.

He did not make it so that we could look upon it and find Christ in every action that we do. He did not make it so to be a symbol for all eternity of a God that loves us so much that he sent his only son. He made it so that someone could be tortured and die on it. He made it with an evil purpose in mind.  How many times in our lives do we wonder about evil? How can a God that loves us allow that to happen?

Jesus is the perfect example of how bad things happen to good people. He is the ultimate “good person” being totally without sin! A LOT of bad things happened to him.

The cross was not made as a symbol that will be used for all eternity to represent good, that wasn’t the intent! God can make good out of a bad intent. Take a minute and look back at your life…Has there ever been anything that you thought was a bad thing, that turned out to be good?

I can personally name a few… moving, cancer, surgery, death. The thing itself, cancer, isn’t good. What God can do with it…. send me to my knees, teach me His mercy, love me through it, those things are abundant and good. Grace filled even.

The crucifix teaches me to trust God’s plan, no matter what it looks like to the cross builders in my life. In your life. God can make the most horrific things into a symbol of hope. In the hardest times of our lives this knowledge allows us to accept our own crosses.    

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