Seize the Day….WITH His hand!

Our lives are constantly in flux, ever changing and NEVER stagnant! These circumstances can throw us off kilter displacing us from our “comfort zone” as we strive to keep or return to what we think is “normal”! This past year has been challenging for everyone as we have adjusted to a “new”way of life! Our one CONSTANT is ALWAYS God -His Love, Strength, Courage, Perseverance and Presence! He has NEVER abandoned or turned away from us! He is, was and ALWAYs will be in Control and we are NOT! These times are opportunities for growth as God leads and guides us through the difficulties and adjustments! He is our Companion on the Way…carrying us when we need it and accompanying us wherever we wander! Jesus tells us “Be not Afraid”… Believe and Trust in Him! May God Bless us with an enthusiasm to “seize” the day and His hand- with a fresh sense of knowing how important it is! Love and prayers! 💕🙏🏻✝️