St. Corona, pray for us!

I was just doing some research on the internet and came across these interesting articles about ‘Corona’.

 I found some interesting information, according to Metropole ( the patron saint of plagues is…(wait for it)….. Saint Corona!! “She (Saint Corona) is responsible for money, butchers, grave diggers and bad weather. And she is also there to protect us from plagues.”

Saint Corona lived during the Aurelius’ persecution, around 165. Saint Corona witnessed another Christian (Saint-Victor) being beaten and horribly tortured for his Christian beliefs. Corona, a woman of 16, fell to her knees and prayed for Victor giving him comfort in his pain. Before this public witness, no one knew of her Christian beliefs, now they did! Corona was immediately captured and tortured, eventually, she was martyred in a horrific way.

Saint Corona is a true witness to all of us, to stay our course and continue to pray for each other even in the darkest moments. Now I am sure that Saint Corona lived, but the actual part about her being a patron saint of Plague seems to be a little contrived. Regardless she gives us hope.

St. Corona’s feast day is May 14th.  Let us pray for each other and for Saint Corona, that she from her heavenly perch will watch over and pray for us.

Perhaps May 14th will become a day of celebration in the church for Saint Corona and not another day of worry and concern over her namesake.

All of us, at Holy Name Passionist Retreat Center, are praying for you and your families. We added to our website an option to light a virtual candle in a visible way that will continue to unite us in prayer during this stressful time. Please let us know if there is something specific that we can pray for?