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Stopped in my tracks

I was so caught up this morning in all the busy-ness of the retreat center. There are wonderful volunteers helping to get auction items bidder ready for our upcoming auction 11.16.19. We have two different groups meeting here as well as our regular recovery meetings. It’s a busy place. My mind is going a hundred miles an hour. If you know me, you know this happens WAY too often.

Then I get an email that says that a friend’s 11-year-old daughter, Sophie, is coding in the hospital.

Stop. Stop and pray. My stuff all of a sudden seems so small. My busy mind is only focused on Sophie and going to pray for her in the chapel. My busy day is halted. Stopped in its tracks.

We live in a fast-paced world. What we accomplish in a day is often how we determine if we were successful. Today, I was reminded how short life can be, and how powerless I am. I was reminded how true success is helping someone get to heaven, not about checking off a list.

What if what we accomplished today was more about others and praying than finishing a list?  What if?

Please pray for Sophie and her family. Thank you.