Thanks The One

It’s summer! Don’t you all feel like it’s been summer for a couple of months now!!! This crazy life that we are living is making days and weekends fold into each other in a new and different way.

Our wonderful development guru, Franca Delli-Veneri’s 11-year-old son, Sebastian makes origami animals. As you can see from the picture they are intricate and beautiful. What starts out as a project with tons of little pieces of paper, scattered and seemingly purposeless, making mom crazy, folded with care, become a beautiful swan or an egg.

The last quarter has been difficult as I am sure it has been for everyone. There is the loss of revenue of the retreats that were canceled, yes, but the really hard part has been being away from those that we love.

The staff, the retreatants, the 12-steppers, all of you, we miss you! If you haven’t seen our video you should check out the gift our staff made for you, you can view it here. 

We share this mission of hospitality because we love sharing God with each of you!!

So, what’s changed here at the retreat center? There are new protocols for entering the building including masks and temperature taking in order to protect the staff and all who enter. We are currently accepting reservations for upcoming retreats up to 48 people in order to help maintain distance and stay safe. This makes the upcoming retreat season hard to manage financially with more cleaning and disinfecting by staff coupled with smaller numbers for our retreats. We do however believe that God has a plan and Holy Name Passionist Retreat Center is part of that plan. We trust in His abundance, and yours, to provide for us during this financially difficult time.

Here is another image, not quite finished of another swan that Sebastian is making. Note many of the paper pieces are missing. It is unfinished, incomplete. Someone needs to gather the paper, fold the pieces and place them. Someone needs to fill the gap.

At Holy Name Passionist Retreat Center we too are missing some pieces, the retreats and meetings that make this retreat center a bundle of energy!

Clip Image002

We run a tight ship here and break even counts on 65 attendees for a retreat. The CDC, the state of Texas and our own good sense tells us that this number of participants will not come back for a long time. We realize that in order to stay afloat during the next six months we need help filling the gap. The lower attendance means that the weekly gap (each retreat weekend) is about $4,000.00 for the next 6 months (3 retreat weekends a month) that comes to a $64,000.00 gap!!! That’s a lot we know, it would be the biggest summer appeal we ever had. Our God is abundant and so are each of you. We will make it through this because we put our talents together, we support each other and the mission of this ‘Holy’ place.

You have always come through for us…last year our AC appeal was a perfect example. We are so thankful for all that you have done for the mission of Holy Name Passionist Retreat Center. We are blessed by the phone calls and encouragement that you have given to the staff and the mission here. We are grateful that you encourage us to look forward to the other side of the virus, to “Holy Ground” for decades to come.

Thank you for generously filling the gap!!!