This year’s summer appeal is for NEW MATRESSES!!! Experts agree that beds should be replaced every 6-8 years under normal circumstances. It is WAY past time for our full-size beds. As we update the Mattresses, we would like to add some new lamps with USB adapters for easier charging, bathmats and a few other small updates.

This upgrade will give immediate revitalization to the rooms and offer greater comfort and rest to all our retreatants. We have 79 rooms that all need some type of revitalization. Each room if painted, updated and the mattress replaced will cost approx. $750.00 and YOU can help make this happen.

Our goal for the summer appeal is easy. We need 79 people to each donate $750.00 or go in with a group from your parish. Even a small donation can help purchase a lamp with an adapter.

Please consider helping with this much needed upgrade. Thank you in advance for your consideration of this vital project.