Surrender in Loving Trust!

Surrendering ourselves into Gods Hands produces and develops our Trust in Him! As we go to Him in dependence and humility  we are expressing our inadequacies and need for His Guidance, Wisdom, Courage and Strength!  Our insecurities prompt us at times to exalt ourselves! We fear non acceptance, failure, even rejection! We boast about OUR accomplishments, successes and feats as if we accomplished them all on our own and are responsible for them….All that we HAVE and ARE come from God! We must unite our hearts with Jesus’ Sacred Heart in Loving Trust and Surrender for they are inseparable! Trust in the Lord at ALL times and His Peace eradicates ALL fear regardless of what we are going through or dealing with! He alone is our Rock and Deliverer! Just Surrender and Trust! Love and Prayers! ✝️💕🙏🏻