Our God is a Compassionate and Loving God …Slow to anger and full of Kindness! He sent us His Son – Who willingly laid down His life for us so that we could live WITH Him eternally in Heaven! Jesus illustrated His Love for us constantly and perfectly throughout His life …showing us not only that we are Loved but HOW to Love….to will the good of the other! May we truly “see” ourselves as God sees us -His beloved children! As we allow God to transform us from the inside out -virtuously, we experience the Peace and Joy that only He can provide! Today May we be Surrounded by God’s Love, Comforted by His Grace, Blessed by His Peace, Aware of His Presence and FILLED with His Abundant Joy! Relax in His arms – Comforted by this knowledge – regardless of what the day brings!! Love and Prayers! 🙏🏻💕✝️

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