Feast of the Archangels

What a glorious day we had here at the retreat center!! The amazing staff and friends of the center got together for mass and a processional blessing of the center. […]

Happy 74th Anniversary!!

In 1947, 74 years ago today, the members of the Passionist Congregation walked onto this “Holy Ground” as owners for the first time! January 3rd, the feast of The Holy […]

Abundant Gratitude.

Thank you!! I am always amazed at the generous support of this holy place! Our gala was a virtual success!  We highlighted Holy Name’s mission, celebrated the Passionist Congregation, and […]

Father Carl Tenhunfeld, CP

May He Rest in Peace! Father Carl Tenhunfeld December 17th, 1928 – October 14th, 2020 Kate Mims and Deacon James Anderson had the opportunity to represent Holy Name Passionist Retreat […]

Love, Forgive, Pray

In the office of reading was Psalm 35. It starts out, “Contend O Lord with those who contend with me fight against those who fight against me!” This sounded to […]


It is a crazy life that we are leading isn’t it!! I just wanted to take a few minutes to thank the many of you that have taken the time […]

George Floyd, may he rest in Peace.

I have been uncomfortable since the death of George Floyd (5.25.20). His death was hard to hear. Maybe, just maybe that is exactly what was needed, me to be uncomfortable. […]

For the sake of the Joy


 Hebrews 12:2 I have this sign in my bathroom to remind me of how I choose to live my life. In these days of anxiety and insecurity, again, I choose […]


Last night was one of those beautiful eerie nights. I sat outside and prayed evening prayer. I contemplated this God who is ‘hiding’. It was dark. The upper layer of […]

St. Corona, pray for us!

I was just doing some research on the internet and came across these interesting articles about ‘Corona’.  I found some interesting information, according to Metropole (https://metropole.at/corona-the-saint/) the patron saint of […]