From a Retreatant, “As always outstanding weekend, with my parish “Brothers In Christ”…, …, it was so amazing to hear the story of the “Miraculous Crucifix of Limpias” – WOW!?    It was the same weekend, six years ago this week…, when I made my first EVER Catholic Retreat, at Holy Name Retreat Center, covered by a blanket of shame and regret!?!?…, with a last-minute invite from a fellow parishioner, who I had just meet at church the prior week.…  It was also, at the lowest point in my life (I had just relapsed after being sober for about 2 months…. and was still separated from my wife of 36 yrs.).  HE (Jesus), spoke to me during the Retreat Adoration time and the cross drew me in and HE became alive… it was a moment I could never explain or understand… and forever change my life…  and now 6 years later, here is what HE has done for me.  He drew me into many, many ministries and without me realizing it, He transformed my life, both physically and spiritually… (James 4:6-8) I Reconcile(d) with my wife last year, after being separated for 7 yrs. THANK YOU JESUS!!!

 -Thank You Jesus!!!

I never understood, what really happened that evening, during Adoration, until you explained to me the story behind the cross (Miraculous Crucifix of Limpias) in the Holy Name Chapel, when my life was changed forever!!!…….     WOW – AMEN, AMEN-   Thank you Jesus!!