The 14th station. Jesus is laid in the Tomb

The 14th station. Jesus is laid in the Tomb

The tomb where he was laid after he died is the tomb where the resurrection took place. The place that the Lord was laid so carefully, mourned by his followers, is the same tomb that He rose from. The tomb with the large stone placed in front of it is the tomb where the large stone was taken away. The stone was not removed for Christ’s sake to make the leaving easier, as he could walk through walls at this point.

The stone was moved so we could see in.

For our sake so we could see in. How would we know otherwise? It is all done for our sake. So, WE could see.

So, we would know that He is Risen, the tomb is empty and we rejoice.

I keep thinking of this beautiful Saint Augustine quote that says, ” All Christians should be an alleluia from head to toe.” Isn’t that what this moment teaches us.

We have been through the stations along the way, we have fallen and gotten up we have cried and given and forgiven, we have lived our lives and learned that the God of the universe did it all first. He did it all better. He has our back.

Alleluia. Absolutely frickin Alleluia!! Our lives have been enriched with the joy of the Crucifix. And we stand here in utter awe and joy. Alleluia. I believe in you Lord. I stake my life on you Lord. You are my God. I am yours.

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