The Eleventh Station

11th station-Jesus is nailed to the cross.

Death is rarely easy and often not pretty. Christ’s death was absolutely ugly but also beautiful as well.

Crucifixion was made to be painful and humbling, by comparison beheading or other forms of killing were considered human. Jesus was nailed in a way that caused as much pain as possible.

In the greatest pain of his life, when even a whisper is painful…

Jesus consoles. He gives His mother to strengthen us with her courage. He forgives. He offers eternity. He is looking to nurture and love his people, even the most painful moments.

In our society today, we excuse bitterness and anger when we are in pain, Christ challenges us with this example. He shows us to forgive, to console, to give the most difficult bits of your suffering for others. No matter your cross

In your greatest pain, in your most terrible moment today or tomorrow, this Holy week, look to the example of our Lord on the Cross.

May your Holy Week be blessed by the challenge and beauty of the Cross.

May the Passion of Christ be Always in our Hearts.



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