The Gift of Presence

It is something that I am working on being better at…the gift of presence. To see each someone that God puts in front of me as an individual person, not just looking through the lens of Kate but the lens of God.

This last week at Ash Wednesday services here at Holy Name Passionist Retreat Center, I saw a perfect example of that.

Father Joe Barbieri presided at the mass and the giving of Ashes. After mass an exchange took place between Father Joe, and a little boy, Nelson.

Father Joe was bent down talking to him and realizing that he didn’t have ashes himself he asked Nelson to help him. What happened then, made the rest of us smile. Father Joe and Nelson walked back to the Altar and Father Joe allowed the little boy to put ashes on him. They joy of the presence of Christ.

God is present in each and every one of us, the small and the aged. This is the challenge today, to take the time to bend down and share a moment, eye to eye and face to face with someone. Go ahead, ask them to help you, share a story, or just listen to theirs and bask in the joy of the presence of Christ.


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